Start From the End

by Robert Littera
Looking back at days gone by
Tossing dreams up to the sky
How’d it work out, how’d it go?
View it from the end and you’ll know
Look back pretend you can start from the end
See the things you’d do, now go ahead cause it’s  true
You can start from the end
If you could change paths that you took
And had a chance at another look
Would you do the same things twice?
Wouldn’t another try be nice?
Forks that you chose, decisions you made
Issues arose and prices you paid
Now look ahead and change history
It’s not too late; to what it should be.
Now this time, do what you should
Go for it all, you know you could
You’ve seen the future and it’s so bright
I wish for you, an amazing Life
From the end, start from the end
There is nothing you will ever miss
Think only good and raise your cup
Cause things are surely looking up


About this Song:
Place yourself near the end of your life, then look back at what you wish you’d have done. Now come back to the present and feel fortunate you still have time to make that a reality.